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Why Choose Surgery Center of Reno? | Meet our Staff

surgery center reno, Nevada ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center)

All surgery used to be performed in hospitals. While a hospital is ideal for complex cases requiring intensive care units, most surgery is related to minor healthcare problems. Because a hospital will naturally focus its resources and attention on the complex case, the patient with a simple surgery can be forced to endure long waits for access to an operating room, extensive red tape related to admitting procedures and have an expensive overnight stay when they could be sleeping more comfortably in their own bed at home. Physicians have long recognized that simple surgical cases need a separate high quality environment that caters to these specific patients, and aims for higher patient satisfaction. Accordingly, in 1970, the first Ambulatory Surgery Center opened. Now the trend is for most simple surgeries to be performed in ASCs. This year alone, 8 million Americans will have their surgery in an ASC rather than a hospital.

Hospital stays are not usually placed at the top of to-do lists. Unfortunately the typical hospital experience can be unsettling and disruptive to one’s routine. Patients usually are not very fond of the unappetizing hospital food and the uncomfortable accommodations. There is a growing trend in medicine to find new ways to improve patient care and satisfaction. Surgery Center of Reno is prepared to roll out the red carpet for our patients and make their stays as pleasurable as possible.

Hospitals have been shown to cause un-needed anxiety in many people. When one goes in for a surgical procedure, they should feel comfortable and be focused on recovery. Surgery Center of Reno has taken the traditional hospital experience and made it more upscale, offering a resemblance to a luxury hotel experience. And as far as medical attention, Surgery Center of Reno has some of the most advanced technology in the state.

surgery center reno, Nevada ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center)

One would think that having a procedure somewhere like Surgery Center of Reno would be more costly, but that’s actually quite the opposite. Older hospitals have more overhead from countless departments and a less efficient facility while ASC's can provide modern technology and more patient amenities at a lower cost.

The Surgery Center of Reno uses state of the art minimally invasive surgery to help patients recover in a shorter period of time and in the comfort of their own home. Internet access is available within the waiting room for patients and their families.

A surgeon who admits his patients to Surgery Center of Reno is able to schedule the surgery at ideal times, typically early morning. The patient then has time to wake up in the recovery room, and go home to recuperate in an environment that is more comfortable than a hospital room. Also at Surgery Center of Reno, your surgeon is able to assemble his preferred anesthesia team and surgical assistants. At the same time, all ASCs are highly regulated by the government so they adhere to stringent quality and safety guidelines.

Your Safety is Priority #1

Not all Ambulatory Surgery Centers are created equal. Surgery Center of Reno is conveniently located in downtown Reno, very close to two major hospitals. If an emergency were to develop, you are right next to major hospital intensive care units.

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